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9.17 - Mother’s Little Helper

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electricjemi replied to your post: anonymous said:I don’t understand…

Tee we’re all here with you during this you are such a wonderfull person and I’m sure this guy is gonna try to make you the happiest because it will only take him a second to realize how special you are and no matter whar happens we’re here withulovubby

Oh GOD jemi you just made me cry again why are you so sweet… 
You all have such faith in this… all my friends… i dont even understand why but i am glad SOMEONE have faith in it…even if i dont
I wish i could just hug you guys and live with you and never leave… real life is so scary and so so terrifying and i dont know what to do…
I am just going where tide takes me… like i have always done…and i am suddenly not sure if its a good idea
PS: my tomorrow’s function is exactly at the same time as gishwhes starts… its fate


no but my all-time favourite Jensen thing has got to be his sad, defeated, long-suffering parent face, like:


oh god, just stop


jesus have mercy


i don’t deserve this


[internally screaming]


how did it come to this


how have i offended you o lord

I don't understand, could you explain more? Why are you getting arranged married? You can access the internet but are not allowed to choose a marriage partner? Most important, will your husband see your tumblr?

Okay so yeah i dont know if you know that in some parts of the world there are still arranged marriages happening..
80% of marriages in india and pakistan are arranged..
Guys parents chose a girl, they send a proposal, girls parents think over it, they ask the girl if she is okay with it, and then they reply in yes or no

So the same happened, they asked me while all i knew of the guy was his picture and his name, i didnt know, i told them i dont know, but like it wasnt a no, it wasnt a yes, so they went ahead with it

Its been a month since then… and now i am getting engaged.. the official ring and all, a big function with ~80 guests or so, and i am suddenly so SO SO scared cause this is it… this is the end of the line…

Its just so weird to try to fall in love with a person you dont know… and i do…i want to fall in love with him but i dont know how… i dont know if i ever will.

We arent forced into marriages, we arent stopped from talking to guys, we arent banned from internet…
Its just the way marriages happen here


You're engaged? Congratulations or my condolences. I'm not sure if you view this as a good or bad thing. Either way good luck.

i live in pakistan.. here you get arranged married
I am getting engaged to a guy i have skyped with ONCE and texted like a dozen times
I know NOTHING about him
He seems nice, i have met his family, they are nice

But God am i freaked out or what.. i am getting engaged on sunday…this is IT!!! and i dont even know if i want it… i am not even sure if i DONT want it

I just know i am not ready


okay so i think i have been handling it really well till now but its finally sinking it that tomorrow and day after tomorrow are my engagament functions
And i am freaking out
Am so so SO freaked out i might just start crying oh god

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